Events 2021-2022

Catch the rain pledge ( Green )

Jul 30 , 2021

Took by students

The world nature conservation day aims to create awareness about the need to preserve the environment and natural resources in order to keep the world healthy.The theme for this year's world nature conservation day 2021 is Forests and livelihoods sustaining People and Planet .The main steps taken to conserve natural resources include cut down plastic use,save electricity,save water,Recycle and reuse and check e waste.
As a part of nature conservation week,the students of Research Department of Commerce took pledge on the topic Catch the rain .The pledge was mainly meant to clean up water sources and to conserve rain water.They took pledge and downloaded their certificate.Rainwater conservation reduce soil erosion and flood hazards and reduce the flow of storm water to prevent urban flooding.The Participation and support of entire students made the event a grant success

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