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Nature friendly trip by Second B. Com ( Green )

Sep 29 , 2022

Research department of commerce organised a nature friendly trip to Illithode for second year B.Com students

As a part of nature friendly trip, ,the students of second year B.Com went on a trip to Illithod, Eco Tourist Spot.  Students entered the forest around 12.30. All 64 students of second year B.Com class came on the trip. Students were accompanied by 2 faculty members.

Illithod is an alluring forest, home to the Periyar river and guarded by the Forest Department of Kerala. The trip was very pleasant and students enjoyed every minute that they spent there. Walking through the forest was a wonderful experience - breathing in the fresh air, taking in the sounds of the birds, crickets and rustling leaves felt refreshing. The forest ground was adorned by roots of trees that grew this way and that, sometimes spiralling and sometimes like protrusions. There were wooden benches to rest. 

The river was a sight to behold. The waters were cold and crystal clear. Free from layers of pollution, it was transparent and we could see the sand beneath. The waves of the waters and dancing sun rays formed beautiful illusions on the sand that blended chaotically as we waded around. students splashed about in the water and enjoyed themselves thoroughly. There were benches and resting places built close to the river. Although one could hear the babbles of the river from there, nothing could beat the feeling of stepping into the welcoming waters.

Then there were the forest swings. There were three of them at the heart of the forest and two near the river. A swing is always exciting, and one in the middle of the forest was even more thrilling. Each swing towards the clear blue sky felt wondrous as the cool air of the forest enveloped. 

The trip was an amazing experience for all  and a memory to cherish forever.After having spent almost 4 hours in the lap of nature, students left Illithod around 4.30, with a bunch of beautiful memories and refreshed souls.

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