Staff Welfare Measures

The welfare measures of St Joseph’s College are transparent and effective as the college value the contribution of its staff. Welfare measures are open to  the faculties and the non-teaching staff to explore the opportunities in their area. We look into the financial and health security of our staffmembers along with intellectual and professional security. The college promotes its faculty to undertake training/workshops/FDP/seminars and conferences for their academic and professional development. The support system encourages the staff to update their administrative and academic skills through different welfare schemes and avenue programs.

  • Schemes for Educational Excellence
  • Admission for the children of the faculty and staff is consiered on the Merit basis.
  • The economically weaker children of the non-teaching staff are supported with necessary financial aid by the college.
  • Scholarships are provided by the college for worthy childern of staffs
  • Different sports and other explorative camps are offered to the children of the staff.
  • Motivations for Career Development for the Progression of the Staff
  • The college provides incentives of (Rs) for the publication of research articles in peer-reviewed and H/Indexed journals.
  • The faculty  are encouraged to attend FDP’s, projects, and Research Fellowships
  • The college provides autonomy for the faculties to attend and organize national/international workshops/conferences.
  • Faculties can apply for leave to attend workshops/seminars and camps in national and international institutions.
  • The college supplies seed money for the promotion of research activities.
  • College offers financial support to faculties to attend the conferences/workshops/seminars.
  • The college provides paid leaves to attend academic programs in India and abroad.
  • (months) of leave during the Ph.D. completion for the faculties
  • The college ensures paid vacation during summer and other holidays including the festivals.
  • Advance lab facilities to promote research in faculties.
  • Advocates extension services and community works by offering leaves to the staffs
  • Complete autonomy and freedom of choice in academic and subject-related matters.
  • ICT facilities and digital platforms for technical training of the staff.
  • Medical Services
  • Insurance schemes
  • Hospital assistance and Medical care
  • Regular medical checkups, medical camps, and maternity benefits for women employees.

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