Dr Kadeeja Mumthas P S

Kerala Sahitya Akademi Vice Chairperson

St Joseph's College was one of the two best women's colleges in the district where the parents wanted their daughters to get admission. Good campus and learning ambience,eminent teachers including Ms Savithri Lakshmanan and Ms Meenakshi Thampan who shone in the fields of social and political fields too and nun staff like Sr Franco and Sr Loretta who showed great affection, and emanated enthusiasm. Mathematics classes by John sir were equally enjoyable like language classes as I liked subject Mathematics and would solve maths problems with ease and thrill. Since I took up MBBS after pre degree at St Joseph's,my experiences at the campus were truncated, but the feeling of belongingness was never tailed off and continued over years through my sisters who studied there.With adorable nostalgic feelings,i embrace the time I spent over there close to my heart.(alumna, Dept of Science:1971-'73 MBBS,DGO,MD Obstetrics & Gynaecology ,Medical teacher & Practitioner, Rtd Prof.OBG Kerala Sahitya Akademi Vice Chairperson since 2017 Awards: Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award, Cherukad Award, K V Surendranath Award, Sahitya Samithy Award for Novels Notable works: Barsa,Athuram ,Mathrukam, doctor daivamallaa, avanavanodu thanneyulla samsarangal etc)


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