Dr. R. Bindhu

Honourable Minister for Higher Education & Social Justice

St Joseph's College provided ample opportunities to develop my leadership qualities and to maintain an unflagging persistence. I, along with my friends, performed dances, kathakali, mono act, mimicry and many other artforms on the stage;it was an era of oneness and I consider it the best period of my life. Supportive friends, meticulously caring teachers and the loving treatment and concern I got from the campus are, undoubtedly, what have helped me evolve as what I am today. I consider my alma mater as one of the best colleges in the field of higher education:it has always placed high value on kindness and simplicity,saving itself from the deceitful faddish world outside.The college staff,especially the sisters have taken great efforts to discover special talents of students and to nurture them. Also my experiences as the youngest member of the Calicut University Syndicate- of course with the co-operation of the sisters for my organizational activities during my graduation studies - help me carry out my duties as the Minister for Higher Education and Social Justice (Aalumna from the department of English:1984-'87, Union Fine Arts Secretary, UUC, Member of the Senate and Syndicate of University of Calicut Former Mayor of Thrissur Corporation Director of the State Resource Centre, National Literacy Mission Retired Associate Professor and Head, English Department SKVC, Thrissur Member of the Advisory Board of Kerala State Higher Education Council Member of the Central Executive Committee, All India Democratic Women's Association)


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