Walk With a Scholar program at St. Joseph’s College, Irinjalakuda started in the year 2014-15 with financial support from the New Initiatives in Higher Education, Dept. of Collegiate Education, Govt. of Kerala. This is a specialized mentoring program designed exclusively for the Under Graduate students. The purpose of this program is to empower students with motivation, orientation, guidance and exposure which will be useful for their higher studies and future employment. The mentoring scheme of WWS is founded on the concept of mentor as guide and friend. Around 30 first-year students are selected in each year, and the students continue in the program for all the three years of their course duration. The mentoring scheme is two-fold: internal mentoring and external mentoring. Internal mentors are selected from the faculty pool of St. Joseph’s College and external mentors, who are experts in diverse disciplines and professions, are identified from outside the college. Each student goes through 10 sessions of internal mentoring and 25 sessions of external mentoring during an academic year. They will also undergo several interviews, debates, mock tests, group discussions, power point presentations etc. aimed at their core and soft skill development. Additionally, motivational visits to reputed research institutes, universities, public service institutions and corporates are arranged in order to give students a much needed exposure to the professional life.





Dr. Benoy Anand

Assistant Professor

Department. of Physics

Mob: 9061385338

Email: anandbenoy@gmail.com

 Internal Mentors

First UG

Dr. Vidya G(Dept. of Zoology)

Ms. Sherline T I (Dept. of Commerce)

Ms. Beena C A (Dept. of Sociology)

Ms. Anju Susan George (Dept. of English)

Ms. Mary Gisby Poulose (Dept. of Physics)

Second UG

Dr.. Vidya Thomas K (Dept. of Chemistry)

Ms. Elizabeth Paul (Dept. of Commerce)

Dr. Naijil George (Dept. of Biotechnology)

Dr. Gigi Poulose (Dept. of Zoology

Dr. Jose Kuriakose (Dept. of History)

Third UG

Ms. Daisy P K (Dept. of Economics)

Dr. Sujitha V S (Dept. of English)

Dr. Bibitha Joseph (Dept. of Chemistry)

Ms. Madhu C A (Dept. of Physics

Ms. Sherin Jose T(Dept. of Mathematics)

Internal Monitoring Committee

Principal - Dr. Sr. Ligy V K

Vice-Principals-Dr. Sr. Viji M O, Sr. Siji P D

College Council Secretary - Dr. Deena Antony C

IQAC Convener - Dr. Naijil George

WWS Coordinator - Dr. Benoy Anand

Student Coordinator - Yasmi Johnson      

Office Superintendent - Ms. Jyothi A J

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