CATC 2023-24 ( Special )

Audience: Public

May 19 , 2023



Combined annual training camp of 7 Kerala Girls BN held at St. Joseph’s college
(autonomous) Irinjalakuda from 19th May to 28th May. On 19th May 2023, all the
cadets from different institutions completed their reporting by afternoon. The camp officially started with an opening ceremony and it was marked with a roll-call. On 20th May 2023 Anti – Drugs awareness class was conducted by Vimukthi Mission Thrissur district coordinator Mr. Shafeeq A Y. It was a very informative session for all the NCC cadets who had attended the class. Drugs will ruin our life. We need a certain time table to engage ourself and to keep away from these drugs and he concluded by saying its equally our responsibility and duty to take a necessary step to spread the awareness about drug abuse, all then the whole world will be inspired with your work.
On 21st May 2023, a Life Mission awareness rally leaded by Commanding Officerof 7 Kerala Girls BN Lt.Col Bijoy B on 'Plastic Free Nation' . Cadets made Posters and placards showing the value of plastic free nation. To aware the society, cadets
marched from St. Joseph’s college (autonomous), Irinjalakuda. And also have a
speech competition were conducted at the college auditorium.
On 23th May 2023, lecture section conducted by Dr. Sandeep das :Talk on wild life
protection and photography exhibition. It was a wonderful session for all of us.
Through that class we understand the importance of biodiversity, the need to protect all species and how we all are interconnected. It’s our duty to take possible steps to protect all the different species in the world. There should be no another such group of endangered species . Sir’s photographs were exhibited in the college and everyone enjoyed seeing them. Posters were made and posted it in the social media . On 24th May 2023,the lecture section conducted by traffic control officer Mr. Rajeev sir, about road traffic control systems. It was a good session in which sir take a class and made a sense of it. On 25th May 2023,cadets of 7 Kerala Girls Battalion visited ‘Santhinilayam’ old age home as a part of social activities. Cadets were learnt more about true life and caring for others. Cadets spoke to them, and they shared their sadness and stories. Cadets performed various cultural programmes. The workers at the home was indeed inspiring. Cadets left with a heavy heart from them. On afternoon session , a career guidance class led by Col. Prabhakar Mahashabde based on the topic ‘Women Entries in army, navy and airforce wing’. He gave a clear-cut presentation which helped the cadets to choose the right career in the military. In the evening, a motivational speech led by IPS Officer Ms. Aiswarya Dongre was conducted at the college auditorium. She is now superintendent of police, Thrissur rural. She shared her journey of success and inspired the cadets.
On 26th May the Commodore visit was done by Group commander Hari Krishnan sir. He placed a wreath as part of honoring Amar Jawan and then planted a sapling in their memory. He was welcomed by cadet with their lively dance moves. He
addressed the cadets by giving an inspirational speech and his life experiences. After addressing the cadets he handovered the camp certificate to camp seniors. He interacted with the all cadets and gave them sweets as a token of love. An conference has been taken at college auditorium including Commodore Hari Krishnan sir along with other camp officials. On 27th May, a class about self defence was conducted by PC Sindhu ma’am and Jiji ma’am from Kerala police. It was a necessary class for today’s generation. we were made aware about that the things to be careful and the steps needed to be taken in today’s society. Throughout the camp we had morning drills, classes, various sessions, physical training, competitions such as speech, poster making, debate, drill competitions, cultural programs like solo dance, solo music, group dance, group music and various events on most of the camp days .So many various events are conducted on camp days and cadets were enjoying it.

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