Parents Teachers’ and Well-wishers’ Association

Ever since its inception, the college has had the unflagging support and aid of the Parent Teachers and Well-wishers’ Association for all its plans, policies and programs. The Association is the general body of the parents of the existing students, members of the faculty and a number of well-wishers who has stood with the college in all its days thick and thin. The general body of the association meets only once or twice a year and for all immediate requirements the Executive committee is convened and decisions taken. It was with the strong support of the association that the college could raise its infrastructure level to the present state. The Association has always taken care to ensure that the college is lauded for its achievements, especially when it makes its mark with a covetable victory in academic challenges or in extra-curricular ventures. The Association has already promised its wholehearted support in the attempt of the college to raise its golden jubilee block in 2014. The current year’s office bearers of the association are the following:


  1. Dr. Sreekumar-President
  2. Mr. P. B. Sathyan-Vice President
  3. Ms. Suja Sajeevkumar-Vice President
  4. Sr. Viji M O- Secretary
  5. Ms. Dhanya-Joint Secretary
  6. Mr. K. G. Mohandas
  7. Mr. K. C. James
  8. Mr. Venugopal Menon
  9. Mr. I. D. Francis
  10. Mr. M. A. Jose
  11. Mr. Jose G Thattil
  12. Prof. Jacob Mampilly
  13. Mr. E. B. Sudheer
  14. Mr. Anil Kumar
  15. Mr. P. P. Davis
  16. Mr. C.G. Rajendran
  17. Mr. T. M. Joseph
  18. Ms. Sherly Pious
  19. Ms. Mary Anto
  20. Ms. Abitha Shelmeer
  21. Ms. Joisy Raphael
  22. Ms. Jessy George
  23. Ms. Lucy N. T
  24. Ms. Siji V.J

1Dr. S.SreekumarPresident
2I D FrancisVice President
3 Ms. Beena C A Secretary
4 Dr. Gigi Paulose Joint Secretary
5 Mr.K G MohandasExecutive Members
Mr M A Jose
Mr P B Sathyan
Mrs Anjana Devadas
Mr K C James
Mrs.Liji Sreenivasan
Mrs Sherly Piousn
Mr Jose G Thattil
Mr T M Joseph
Prof Jacob G Mampilly
Prof Mary Antio
Ms. Lucy N T
Ms. Sibi Thomas

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