Quality Enhancement Programme

Thrust on value education as a compulsory major component of the degree programme with prescribed text book, syllabus, regular classes, and examinations complete with proficiency prizes as motivation

The Teaching and Learning Resources Committee (TLRC) works to foster a campus culture that promotes teaching excellence and innovation.  This is made effective by arranging various sessions to the students by eminent personalities. Selected students are guided to find out their carrier opportunities. Students who are backward in learning are motivated properly by various sessions and remedial coaching is also given to them. We also make effective communication between parents, teachers and well wishers by facilitating the PTWA meeting in the college. Bridge course and SET courses are arranged for the newcomers in the campus. Tutorial and remedial sessions under this committee maintain a good personal relation between teachers and students.  An academic audit is also carried out every year.

In an attempt to realize the vision and the mission of the institution in letter and spirit, the college has formulated a three year long tag-on programme called - Higher Focus Course (H F C). The programme, administered over the entire period of the bachelor degree, is a package of multiple skills ranging from two and four-wheel driving to Ethics and Spirituality sessions. The Programme includes even a module on self-defense. In detail, the programme provides a wide variety of training components including yoga, spoken English, Family guidance, social service and value orientation. The programme aims at the final finishing and polishing process which the girls are badly in need of as they sail out of the institution to the rough tides of life’s challenges. Certificates are issued to those who successfully complete the course at the end of their first degree programme.

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