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Audience: STUDENTS

Sep 21 , 2023

An industrial visit to "Tea factory ", Munnar  was organized by the department of commerce(sf)  on 21st of September,2023 .


Date of visit-21/09/2023

Industry visited-KDHP Co.pvt.Ltd.

                          MADUPETTY FACTORY

An industrial visit to "Tea factory ", Munnar  was organised by the department of commerce(sf)  on  21st of September,2023 . 147 students of  2nd DC  Bcom Finance and computer application accompanied by faculty visited the tea factory, to understand how the production activity, and technology works etc...We started by 5:30 am from college. Students visited tea factory around  11:24 am. First there was an introductive presentation and after that the industry professional explained about the harvesting of tea and about tea processing. Also he explained about the different grades of tea.
         He explained every step of tea processing1)Withering ,2)Maceration,3) Fermentation, 4) Drying, 5) Sorting. After the explanation he guided all of us to the area where these activities took place. We all have seen production process and the packing process of tea and also he gave detailed explanation on it.

 We also came to know about the different types of  tea which were being produced there and also chocolates are produced there itself. The session ended by 12:10pm.After that we had also bought tea powders, chocolates etc from there. By 12:24pm we all returned from there.

        Before going to tea factory we visited cheeyappara waterfall by 7:30am, and we spent 10 minuets there. Then we had our breakfast. After breakfast we visited tea factory. And then we visited mattupetty dam by 12:30pm.We returned from there by 1:32pm.After that we had ourlunch.
       After lunch we visited kundala dam by 2:45pm.We all returned from there by 3:30pm.And by 3:50pm we reached at eco point and returned from there by 4:15pm.
By 9:15pm we have stopped at perumbavoor for dinner.After dinner we returned from there at 10:08pm.Finally we all reached the college by 11:20pm.
The session was extremely useful for students to get an insight Into the various process of the tea factory. This visit turned out to be a very valuable experience for all.
                                                         Thanks to all.

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