National Webinar on Shepherding ( Academic )

Oct 04 , 2023

organized by the Research Department of Commerce, St.Joseph’s College Irinjalakuda (autonomous) in collaboration with Smt.P N Dhoshi women’s college ,Mumbai.

“A leader…is like a shepherd. He stays behind the flock, letting the most nimble go out ahead, whereupon the others follow, not realizing that all along they are being directed from behind.” –Nelson Mandela.

A national webinar on Shepherding was organized by the Research Department of Commerce, St.Joseph’s College Irinjalakuda (autonomous) in collaboration with  Smt.P N Dhoshi women’s college ,Mumbai.

We were privileged to learn new insights on leadership from resource person,Dr.Arun Balakrishnan,assistant supervisor and research supervisor;Research department of commerce,Christ college(autonomous ),Irinjalakuda.He is also a corporate trainer as well as a leadership coach.

The programme was begun by seeking god’s blessings through a silent prayer. Miss Soumya Stephen, Assistant Professor Research Department of Commerce St Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Irinjalakuda welcomed the gathering.Dr.Sr Blessy,Principal of St.Joseph’s College(autonomous),Irinjalakuda gave a presidential address signifying the emphasis on this national level collaboration.

Dr.Arun Balakrishnan, Assistant Professor of Christ College,Irinjalakuda, was the resource person for the National Webinar. He started his session with the beautiful story of how a young woman, who was visiting India, had a change of heart and stayed to serve the needy and became Mother Teresa. Shepherding is a beautiful method of leadership which originated from a Biblical concept. True shepherds are leaders who guide from behind and will lay by the doorstep to protect his herd of sheep.

Dr.Arun then went onto say a motivational story of Nelson Mandela,an all time renowned leader ;about how he spent 27 years in prison with not even a window to see the world outside while enduring harsh treatment from his jailer and all along he had nothing but a vision of a new South Africa. Mandela paved the way and turned shepherding into a style of leadership.

A shepherd must be someone who:

  1. Maintain good relationships

Conflicts might arise within organizations for any reason. It is important that the shepherd maintains a good relationship with his sheep to reduce and resolve these conflicts giving them a peaceful working environment.

b) Protects his/her teammates.

Care and empathy for fellow subordinates which is driven by the the motive of wanting to protect the sheep under any circumstances.

  1. Leading from behind

A true shepherd will not be the one guiding from forward, asking his sheep to follow him, Instead he guides from behind; allowing him to see if any sheep has left the flock and fetchs it by himself and brings him to the right path.

  1. Intends to serve the public.

Unlike joining the rat race for money, a shepherd sees an opportunity which lets him serve the public leading and helping them from behind.

  1. Purpose beats Passion.

Purpose serves as the force which drives you to your path of success and leadership.

He concluded the session on how more people and organizations are choosing this method of leadership and are thriving.

Then we had an interactive session in which students eagerly participated.

Ms Jitha Thomas Assistant Professor, St Joseph’s College (Autonomous), Irinjalakuda proposed the vote of thanks. The informative and insightful webinar ended by providing a feedback form about the session.Everyone who participated received a certificate for the same.

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