Maintenance Policy

Maintenance Policy


The institution has a well – defined machinery in place for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities:

 Maintenance Policy & Procedures:

The Maintenance Supervisor oversees the day to day maintenance of the college and is vigilant about the maintenance needs of all equipment, computer etc., of the departments, furniture and fixtures of class rooms and the buildings, all the construction & renovation, electricity, plumbing and carpentry. The Department Heads inform the Principal about all maintenance needs and with the sanction of the Principal, the supervisor sees that the required maintenance is carried out according to the need-based priority – emergency repair, special request, general cleaning & maintenance as well as inspective and preventive maintenance.

 The available resources are optimally used. The infrastructure is also made use of by government and outside agencies for the conduct of various programs.


Implementation of the Maintenance Policy statement: 

Physical Infrastructure: The maintenance and cleaning of the classrooms, seminar halls, auditorium, comfort rooms and other support facilities are done on a regular basis. The grounds and gardens are maintained by dedicated support staff. 

IT Infrastructure: The institution IT infrastructure includes various softwares, computers, LCD Projectors, Smart Boards, ICT enabled classrooms, Computer labs, Language lab, Media lab and Editing Suite.

For the maintenance of computer systems and accessories, the college has contractual agreements with local service providers who carry out regular maintenance,repair systems and gadgets, whenever needed.

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