Events 2021-2022

Legislative Election Duty ( Social )

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Apr 05 , 2021

25 Cdts were appointed as SPOs to assist the Police Officers during the Legislative Assembly Elections




26 Cdts of 7(k) Girls BN, Thrissur, NCC Unit of St. Joseph’s
College (Autonomous), Irinjalakuda was assigned the duty of
Special Police Officers. In which 25 of them were under the
supervision of Aluva East Police Station and one under
Edathala Police Station of Ernakulam Dist. The Cadets were to
report at the station at 8:00 am on 5th April at the respective
stations. From where the Cadets. was taken to the polling booth
from the police station by the officers. 12 Cdts were assigned in
poling booth and 14 were on additional duty. Additional duty
cadets stayed back in the police station, and were relieved from
the duty on 6th April at 5:30 pm and reached home around
7:00 pm. 4 among the on-duty cadets were relieved from duty at
6:30 pm by the presiding officer and reached home around
10:30 pm on the same day. The rest of the 8 cadets were relieved
from duty between 9:30 and 10:00 pm and stayed at Aluva East
Police Station for the night. They went home on 7th April at
7:00 am and reached home around 9:30 am.

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