Trip to Illithode ( Green )

Jan 10 , 2024

By second year B Com students

As a part of a nature friendly trip, the undergraduate students of 2nd year (Aided) went out travelling to Illithode, Eco Tourist Spot. Students reached the spot around 1:00 pm. All 64 students along with two faculty members attended the trip.

Illithode is an alluring timber land, home to the Periyar river and protected by the Forest Department of Kerala. The trip was extremely lovely and the students took in each and every moment that the spent there. Strolling through the woodland was a magnificent experience – breathing in the outside air, taking in hints of the birds, crickets and stirring leaves – felt reviving. The area was adorned by underlying foundations of trees that developed all around, some of the times spiralling like projections. There were wooden benches to rest.

The river was beautiful to look at. The waters were cold and completely clear liberated from layers of contamination, it was transparent and we could see the sand underneath. The rushes of waters and moving sunbeams shaped the delightful deceptions on the sand that mixed tumultuously as we swam around. The students splashed about in the water and had a good time completely. There were benches and resting seats near the river. Although one could hear the chatters of the waterway from that point, nothing to beat the sensation of venturing into inviting waters.

Then, at that point, there were the backward swings. There were three of them at the core of the forest and two close to the waterway. The swings were continuously energising, and the ones in the forest were even more exciting. Each swing towards the bright blue sky felt overwhelming as the cool air of the forest wrapped everything up in its gentle aura.

The outing was an astounding experience for all and a memory to treasure forever. In the wake of having spent nearly 3 hours in the lap of nature. The students left Illithode around 4:00 pm – each and every one of them being a revived spirit of their own.  

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