World Environment day celebration 2023-24 ( Green )

Jun 05 , 2023

Department of Commerce celebrated world environment day on June 5

As June 5th is celebrated as Environment day globally in order to commemorate the importance of environment, Research Department of Commerce of St.Joseph’s (Autonomous) College, Irinjalakuda joint hands with GLPS Mukundhapuram for an awareness class and distribution of saplings dated on 5-6-2023. This programme was titled as "Plant with us". The programme got its launch with the inauguration by commerce department HOD Remya Ma'am by planting a sapling along with third year representative Dona KJ in the presence of commerce family.

Students of the third year went to GLPS Mukundhapuram where the "Plant with us" programme was organised.

Students reached around 2:00 PM. Saplings were distributed to the teachers and students of the school with the purpose of planting more trees which will purify air and also protect earth.

Dona K J third year representative gave awareness class on the importance of environment, how environment protect us and gave awareness to them about keeping the environment clean and safe from pollution and concluded class with a song.

Students of the GLPS Mukundhapuram show   their active participation by singing songs based on environment protection.

A teacher from that school proposed vote of thanks. The programme was concluded by taking a group photo including the teachers , students of Commerce Department and students of GLPS Mukundhapuram where they raise their saplings which depicts the next generation is ready to protect the environment.

The programme was concluded around 3:00 clock. Let’s conclude the report by remembering the quotes of Mahatma Gandhi “Earth provides enough to satisfy every men's needs, but not every men's greed”.

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