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A phone to Learn

Jul 03 , 2020

Distribution of mobile phone to students

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Own a Laptop

Jul 01 , 2020

Distribution of laptops.

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Ph. D. Open Defence and Viva Voce of Ms.Deepthi A. N.

Audience: Faculty and research scholars

Jun 24 , 2020

Centre for Research in Mathematical Sciences

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8th Open Defence and Viva Voce of Department of Mathematics

Audience: Faculty and scholars

Jun 18 , 2020

Research Scholar : vibitha Kochamani

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Celebrate with Nature Quiz 2020

Audience: Faculty and Students

Jun 05 , 2020

Celebrate with Nature Quiz 2020- An Awareness Quiz on 'Nature and Environment' for the students and faculty as part of World Environment Day . Around 1700 faculty and students all over the country has participated and secured E- certificates.

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Innovative Teaching methods Implimented

Jun 01 , 2020

By Department of Mathematics

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National Webinar

Audience: Faculty from different colleges, research scholars

May 31 , 2020

Risk management in times of crisis

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Webinar on Graph Theory:Research Problems for Undergraduates

Audience: B. Sc. Mathematics Students

May 17 , 2020

Organized by Centre for Research in Mathematical Sciences, Department of Mathematics

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Online National Level Aptitude Daily Quiz

May 16 , 2020

Department of Computer Science, St.Joseph’s College Autonomous,Irinjalakuda is organizing Online National Level Aptitude Daily Quiz during covid-19

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NCC Salutes COVID 19 Warriors

Audience: Pblic

May 03 , 2020

NCC Volunteers of St. Joseph's College, Irinjalakda

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Webinar Series

Audience: Facility and Students

May 02 , 2020

By B. Voc Team

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Audience: Public

Apr 23 , 2020

For faculty, staff, students and public by IQAC in association with Department of Biotechnology and Department of Zoology

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Lockdown Photography Contest

Audience: Facility and staff

Apr 14 , 2020

For present and Retired faculty and staff

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Congratulations to our new Principal

Audience: Whole college

Apr 01 , 2020

Dr. Sr. Anis K.V. has taken in charge as Principal

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Adieu to Dr. Sr. Isabel and Dr Meena Thomas

Audience: Whole college

Mar 31 , 2020

Signing off on 31st march 2020

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Received Navavelicham Award

Audience: -

Mar 07 , 2020

organized by Dr Rani Menon's Eye Clinic.....

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Inauguration of EBSB club

Audience: I DC students

Mar 03 , 2020

Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat

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MoU with Tata Consultancy Service

Audience: Department of Computer Science

Mar 03 , 2020

By Department of Computer Science

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56th College day celebrations

Audience: Students, Parents , Faculty & Staff

Feb 20 , 2020


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National Workshop on Mathematical foundations of Cyber Physical Systems

Audience: Faculty & Students

Feb 13 , 2020

By Department of Mathematics

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Honored Best Women sports player award winner P. C. Thulasi

Audience: Whole college

Feb 11 , 2020

ഇരിങ്ങാലക്കുട സെന്‍റെ.ജോസഫ്സ് കോളേജിലെ പൂര്‍വ്വ വിദ്യര്‍ത്ഥിനിയും അന്ധര്‍ദ്ദേശീയ ബാഡ്മിന...

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Ph. D Viva Voce & Open Defence of Ms. Mary Elizabeth Antony

Audience: Faculty, Scholars and PG students

Feb 07 , 2020

Centre for Research in Mathematical Sciences Department of Mathematics

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