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SAT2017 ( Academic )

Jun 29 , 2017

Subject Aptitude Test(SAT)2017

Subject Aptitude Test(SAT) for all first year UG students

Subject Aptitude Test(SAT) is conducted every year by the department of computer science as a preliminary test for all first year UG students. This year the test was conducted on 29-06-2017,30-06-2017,04-07-2017,05-07-2017& 06-07-2017.
the challenges in finding the best entry-level talent, then an online aptitude test for new joiners  can speed up your recruitment process and make it more efficient. It can be used to administer a test, evaluate the results and find candidates who are best on campus. Their competencies have to be mapped through the right approach. Asseshub’s online tool is more than sufficient in the evaluation of the candidates. The reports would reflect the problem solving skills of the candidate in detail with respect to time management, logical approach, ability to prioritize & acumen. These tests are free of system errors and are impregnable to unfair means.This assessment also serves as aptitude test and can be also used for campus recruitments.

As a campus recruitment test, it can include following sections: 1) General Aptitude
2) Logical Reasoning
3) English / verbal ability test
4) General Know they come with a very fresh perspective, are more open to adapt and cost much lower. The biggest stumbling block is shortlisting those who prove to be the right fit and smoothly synchronize with your organizations objectives. ledge
5) Technical/Domain Knowledge
The aptitude test would comprise of sections containing questions from any of the above. Based on the requirement the test would be designed to evaluate the general aptitude of the candidate.

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