Department of Biotechnology

Consultancy & Extension

Consultancy Services:

1. Water quality assessment

Department offers bacteriological analysis of drinking water for the nearby population. The contamination of water is a hazardous problem today and the department’s consultancy service play a crucial role in assessing this. We assess the drinking quality of water, whether the water is potable or nonpotable and the result was analyzed based on MPN chart. Opinions, analysis, and recommendations is provided to individuals about the quality of their water based on our own expertise. The department also gives recommendation to solve the problem.

    Through the college website, we offer this consultancy service to nearby communities. They can contact us directly and an amount of 100 rupees is collected per sample of water

2. Antimicrobial analysis

Assessment of Antimicrobial activity is another service provided by the department. Students of other departments as well as neighboring colleges utilize this facility to complete their UG and PG dissertations. We also give consultation to Ph.D. students by providing interpretation of the analysis which would facilitate completion of their research.

    The consultancy charge varies according to the number of samples and number of organism used for the purpose. Normally 250 rupees per sample is collected.

3. Project assistance

Biotechnology department is very much happy to provide consultation to school and college students in undertaking research projects by providing necessary assistance in the form of microbial and biochemical analysis, Spectrophotometric analysis etc. Based on our expertise, we provide guidance, suggestions and interpretations to their findings. This is the most income generating consultancy service of our department. Word of mouth advertising plays an important role in promoting this consultancy service

4. Sale of microbial cultures

Pure microbial cultures are sold to other departments of St. Joseph’s College as well as neighboring colleges for their education and research purposes. Normally this consultancy service is provided with an amount of 150 per sample. And we advertise this through college website only.

5. Sale of Biocontrol agents

Microbial agents which act as biocontrol agents are massively produced as a part of a certificate course in the department and are sold to the neighboring community. This helps them to improve their agriculture production and pest control. We provide proper advice to the people about the usage. Sale of these biocontrol agents will be normally done once in a year. The price will vary according to the production cost.


Extension Activities

  • Demonstration of lab equipment's to students- Exhibitions
  • Water quality analysis after flood
  • PCOD awareness programme
  • Training programme in mushroom cultivation
  • sale of biocontrol agents and biofertilizers to neighbourhood community


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